Spring and summer are, for many people, the most exciting and enjoyable times of the year. The sun is hot, friends and family visit for barbecues, and there are plenty of exciting activities to get into. Still, it is important to take care of yourself – wearing sunblock, choosing comfortable outfits, and other habits are […]

One of the most frustrating and difficult situations to find yourself in is dealing with auto collision. Though it seems like everything is falling apart, there are ways to make dealing with auto body in NH repairs simpler. Follow the tips below, and you will be ready to make sure repairs go smoothly and your […]

One of the more exciting parts of owning a vehicle is being able to customize it. Whether you are looking to improve performance or jazz up the exterior, there are plenty of vehicle accessories to browse. We at Boyer’s Auto Body offer quality truck bed liners and more. Here are some of our favorites!   […]

If you’re new to the truck world or are not a vehicle accessory enthusiast, you may wonder what the hype is all about when people talk about a truck bed liner. Some prefer to go without it, but it is a worthy investment that Boyer’s Auto Body highly suggests to our customers.     1.) […]

A significant part of being a good driver is being aware of safety and driving responsibly. Of course, there are times where we cannot prevent accidents and need to visit an auto body in NH shop. Still, being in the know is better than having no knowledge at all, so we are here to tell […]

Boyer's legacy of craftsmanship and dedication to their work is the reason why they continue to be recognized as one of the most reliable auto body shops in southern New Hampshire.