Beat The Heat With These Driving Habits!

Posted on May 9, 2018

auto body in NHSpring and summer are, for many people, the most exciting and enjoyable times of the year. The sun is hot, friends and family visit for barbecues, and there are plenty of exciting activities to get into. Still, it is important to take care of yourself – wearing sunblock, choosing comfortable outfits, and other habits are a “must.” Did you know your car needs TLC during this time, too? Follow the tips below and your will avoid vehicle mishaps and auto body in NH repairs warm weather can cause!



Drive at the Suggested Speed(s)

You’ve heard it from your driving instructor, your parents, and other concerned folks, we know. Still, it’s good to obey these limits for both you and your vehicle. Driving too fast or too slow means your fuel gets used too quickly or stalls in your engine. The result? Your vehicle’s parts not working as they should, rusting, or worse – breaking entirely.


Change Oil and Other Fluids

Your oil needs to be fresh and ready for whatever it needs to do. You should check oil on a regular basis, so try squeezing it in before the temperatures rise and cause your fuel to burn out too quickly.


Check Tire Pressure

When elevated temperatures hit, tires become prone to air leaks, damage, and increased sensitivity. Make sure your tires are inflated properly, check treads, and take a look at their shape. Heat can have a very direct impact on tire pressure, so summer is a time to keep up with tires even more.


Avoid Extended Contact With Sunlight

Intense sunlight can make the paint on your vehicle fade. It also causes internal problems in your vehicle: your engine or battery could overheat, causing all kinds of problems down the line. Try finding some shade or entering a parking garage if you plan on staying outside a while!



With these tips, your truck will stay safe during the hottest months of the year. For all of your auto body in NH repairs and concerns, give us at Boyer’s Auto Body a call at (603)-882-6637!

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