What Winter Weather Does to Your Truck Bed

Posted on February 8, 2018

truck bed liners Installing truck bed liners for many hardworking vehicle owners in NH at Boyer’s Auto means we have learned what the winter weather can do to the integrity of our trucks. Also, how it can slowly devastate our beds. As a business that wants to help protect your assets, we recognize how harsh winter weather is and its damages. We can think of a few ways we have seen the impacts leave marks.




Having a safe driving environment for all who are on the road is essential. That goal gets accomplished with salt spreading. Salt, as well as rocks and other road debris mixed in with snow, are abrasives that will quickly leave the metal in your truck bed scratched beyond belief. Though these surface scratches might seem minor, they can rapidly decrease the value of your vehicle.



In addition to being abrasive, salt can also cause corrosion. When mixed in with snow and ice, it is nearly impossible to separate the elements. Since salt water is an excellent conductor for corrosion, you can bet that when warmer weather nears, you will see the difference in your exterior. These acidic properties will eat away at your clear coat and paint. Thenm cause rust in the bed of your truck far quicker than you can imagine.



Luckily, there are solutions to these truck bed problems. Boyer’s Auto Body in Nashua, NH is a certified and trained Line-X installer that would be excited to work with you. Line-X is a productive developed for a variety of applications, including military uses. This bed liner is unlike any other product on the market, and will be what you need and want in a protective coating for your truck.

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