You’ve Been In An Accident. Now What?

Posted on May 24, 2018

It’s something all licensed drivers dread: you are driving to your destination and all of a sudden, you get in an accident. It’s a very scary and trying time, even if there is no large-scale damage when all is said and done. Taking the right steps and having a plan in mind is wise, so we at Boyer’s Auto Body thought some pointers could help drivers everywhere. For all of your auto body in NH repairs, count on us.


Make Sure All Involved Are Safe

First things first: take a look around and see if anyone has been harmed in the accident and sustained damage. Once you are fully aware of the situation, give an EMT a call and get the necessary help when applicable.


Get Insurance/Personal Info

Unfortunately, even the most trying circumstances require some paperwork. Collect the personal and insurance information from all parties involved in the accident, and contact your insurance company. This way, any coverage you need is set into motion to help offset costs.


Arrange A Ride

Whether your vehicle ends up being drivable or not, it’s wise to arrange a ride. To get back on track and get you where you’re going, call a friend, family member, or a tow service. Luckily, some businesses offer loaner cars for this exact situation.


Call Us!

We know how unfortunate it is to deal with damage to an auto body in NH. Let us provide the service you need with the experience and quality necessary to get your vehicle back on the road. Our dedication to work is second to none.


An accident is disappointing, shocking, and difficult for all involved, but having the right resources available helps make the ordeal easier. For all of your auto body in NH services, give us at Boyer’s Auto Body a call at (603)-882-6637!

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