Common Places to Use Line-X

Posted on October 2, 2016

When any Boyer’s customer who has used Line-X in the past thinks of the product, they often think of the truck bed liners we offer at our shop, and rightfully so! Of all the ways to improve your vehicle, this is by far our favorite. What you might not know about Line-X, is that we offer a huge selection of accessories that are created with a Line-X protective coating to make the exterior of your truck or SUV stronger than ever before.

Fender flares

Protect the paint around your wheels and wheel well from the outdoor elements with flares. A Line-X coated flare can help prevent rust and corrosion, and will act as a barrier from rocks and gravel that otherwise might leave scratches.

52. Jeep Grill Line-X Protective CoatingGrill guard

When you invest in a product like Go Rhino! Wrangle Guard, you instantly protect the grill of your truck with a solid, one-piece, no-drill piece of construction. It also allows you access to your truck’s hood and engine without removal.

Bed covers

Great for all seasons, protect any items that might be in the back of your truck. Many of these covers can withstand an exceptional amount of weight, work with tie downs, bedcaps, bed liners, rails, racks, and extenders, as well.

Luckily, our selection is so large, that we can help you find nearly any accessory for your make and model. Whether you’re in need of a truck bed liner or any of our other accessories, Boyer’s Auto has the answer for you. With more questions about our products or services, call us today at (603) 882-6637 to speak with our experts.

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