What to Look for in a Truck Bed Liner

Posted on August 30, 2016

line-x nhLet’s face it, it’s not every day that you go out and look at truck bed liners. It might even be your first time considering one, and Boyer’s Auto wants you to know that it’s okay to not know what questions to ask quite yet. What’s important is putting in the research, and we have a few characteristics you should keep in mind when you start your hunt.


When you have the option to have the best product out there, why wouldn’t you commit? Having a premium product that is backed with years of experience gives you peace of mind. For example, Line-X is a global leader in protective coatings development and availability, which exposes their premium performance and superior quality.


If you’re going to invest in your truck, it’s important to be sure that you have the paperwork to back it up. Accidents can happen, and finding a product that offers lifetime warranties not only speaks to the quality and confidence a company has in its product, but also distinguishes their customer service from the rest.

Great installers

Just the same with any other auto body customization, the product is only as great as experts installing it. From prep to attention to detail to care for your truck, you want to be sure your installers know everything there is about the product they are using. Boyer’s Auto has trained technicians certified to apply Line-X, and are the number one Line-X applicators in the Northeast region.

Not only is a Line-X truck bed liner backed by over 20 years of experience and design, Boyer’s Auto has been family-owned since 1968 and strives to offer the best and most innovative products possible for your car. With more questions about our services, please call us today at (603) 882-6637.

Boyer's legacy of craftsmanship and dedication to their work is the reason why they continue to be recognized as one of the most reliable auto body shops in southern New Hampshire.