What Truck Body is Best for You?

Posted on December 1, 2018

Here at Boyer’s Auto, we know a lot more than just collision repair. We also sell and service a variety of commercial and business vehicles of all kinds. And not every truck is perfect for every job. Sure, most heavy-duty models are necessary for work, but what about the body? We can help you choose a truck body that’ll do the job for you.

Dump Bodies

This might go without saying, but dump bodies are mainly used for transporting large quantities of things. From dirt to road salt to snow, all of these materials are best for dump bodies. The size of the bed will depend on the amount you plan on hauling. We offer both Pro-Max and Pro-Class models of Air-Flo Dump Bodies in our inventory. Both versions are made of durable, high-quality materials.

Service Bodies

Carrying truckloads of materials isn’t the only thing you can use a pick up for. Specially designed service vehicles can help you get your job done more efficiently, letting you get more accomplished in a single workday. We offer Reading Utility and Knapheide service bodies. Reading Utility Service Bodies allow you to complete any utility job – from natural gas to electricity, and even water. You can have a spot for every tool you could ever need.

Truck Beds

Traditional truck beds are perfect for the average handyman. They allow you to transport materials and objects that wouldn’t fit in a car. Throw in one of our handy tool boxes on the back, and you’ll never be without a tool again! We have various sizes of C&M truck beds in stock – do we have yours?

Here at Boyer’s Auto Body, we don’t just fix vehicles. We want to your car to work for you. Whether you need a service body, a dump body, or just a regular truck bed, we’re the guys for the job. Give us a call at 603-882-6637 to schedule an appointment.

Boyer's legacy of craftsmanship and dedication to their work is the reason why they continue to be recognized as one of the most reliable auto body shops in southern New Hampshire.